Using speakup and emacspeak together

Saqib Shaikh ss at
Tue Nov 27 04:58:26 EST 2001

Other than manually typing loadkeys or loadkeys how can
one ensure htat the right kernel is being loaded?

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> Tom,
> I had both for a time, and may do so again.  What I found work best was to
> have two kernels, identical in all ways but one.  One kernel had Speakup
> patched in, the other did not.  I had them on floppies, but you could use
> loadlin, lilo, whatever.  A warning:  When running Emacspeak, be sure the
> Speakup keymap isn't getting loaded.  For that matter, and perhaps more
> important, be sure your Speakup key map loads when you're running Speakup.
> -Dave
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