Using speakup and emacspeak together

Dave Hunt wx1g at
Mon Nov 26 20:36:29 EST 2001

If you're referring to the kernel suggestion, yes, do the same on both 

Regarding the lite talk, you might want to look at the additional speech 
servers for Emacspeak.  I think the latest one is "emacspeak-ss0.7".  It's 
available in a source 'rpm', but I recommend the "tar.gz".  The "rpm" has 
never worked right for me.

Anyway, Assuming you've put the speech servers into the correct place, set 
the environment variable "DTK_PROGRAM" to "doubletalk", and set "DTK_PORT" 
to the port on which your synth is connected, if it's somewhere other than 
the first serial port.  Jim Vanzandt, the author of the servers, has 
written a pretty good 'README' for these.  

A final note:

Before any of this will work, make sure the packages "tcl" and "tcls" are 


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