Using speakup and emacspeak together

Thomas Ward tward at
Mon Nov 26 19:45:30 EST 2001

Hi, as for Emacspeak itself you can find all that you need at

They have new howtos, manuals, and installation guides going up for
Emacspeak 15.
 Emacspeak seams to work fine under Red Hat 7.1, but Haven't gotten it
working properly under Red hat 7.2. Not yet sure why.
If anyone actually has figured out a way to have both Emacspeak and Speakup
going let me know. It seams wherever I have 'Speakup on Emacspeak doesn't
work properly.

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Subject: Using speakup and emacspeak together

> Hi guys. On a laptop here I'm wanting to use software speech in linux so I
> don't have to carry the synth around with me all the time and the only
> option I have is emacspeak. When I'm home I'd like to be able to use both
> speakup and emacspeak since speakup is my first choice for accessing linux
> and emacspeak I could od while on the road.
> Also being able to use both would be a plus o that I could learn emacspeak
> and still have access to speakup.
> Anybody have a setup like this going and any pointers to where I should
> startto learn this other method?
> Thanks for any help.
> Tommy
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