what is happening?

Jacob Schmude jacobs at surferie.net
Sat Nov 24 00:07:02 EST 2001

   Do you have a dos screen reader running at the time you run this? If so, turn it off as it will in many cases interfere with finding the synth. You shouldn't need to tell speakup where it is, as it will autoprobe. However, to explicitly specify the port, add:
speakup_ser=0 for com1 or
speakup_ser=1 for com2.
  As far as exitting linux, when you've run linux.bat, you've switched operating systems. Thus it is not possible to exit without rebooting, as dos has been completely blown out of memory for that session.

Finally, linux will *NOT* format your hd unless you give an explicit command at the shell prompt, so you're not endangering your system by booting linux. And the command for formatting disks is not something easy to type by accident.
On Fri, Nov 23, 2001 at 09:30:01PM -0600, Glenn Ervin wrote:
> I have been trying to get either my 250MB zip drive to work with zipspeak,
> or my 200MB removable drive.
> Below is a line which when run in a batch file seems to get it running on
> the removable D drive, but it does not speak.  And I am afraid that the
> "vmlinuz" may format my main harddrive.
> Also, how do I exit from this without doing control+alt+delete?
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