still no speech

Glenn Ervin gervin at
Sat Nov 24 17:20:55 EST 2001

could someone please perhaps tell me what is wrong with these lines?
I seem to have linux going, because something scrolls up the screen for a
couple minutes, but I cannot get speech going yet.
You will read 2 lines, one is for zipslack on my 250 Mb zipdisk, and the
other is my removable drive D.
You will notice the lines wrapping, but that is only in this  e-mail...
for the zip disk, b:
b:\linux\loadlin b:\linux\vmlinuz root=/defv/hdb4  rw b:\linux\speakup_ser=1

for the removable 200MB harddrive:
d:\linux\loadlin d:\linux\vmlinuz root=/dev/hdb rw

Notice that I last tried putting in the path to speakup, but it did not
I have tried it with and without the jfd screenreader, and I have tried it
with and without running dtexp.bat first (to load the dectalk driver).

O. Glenn Ervin-- (Lenny) N0YJV
Northeast Nebraska
gervin at
or My Work e-mail:
gervin at

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