what is happening?

Glenn Ervin gervin at kdsi.net
Fri Nov 23 22:30:01 EST 2001

I have been trying to get either my 250MB zip drive to work with zipspeak,
or my 200MB removable drive.
Below is a line which when run in a batch file seems to get it running on
the removable D drive, but it does not speak.  And I am afraid that the
"vmlinuz" may format my main harddrive.
Also, how do I exit from this without doing control+alt+delete?
and on the line that is not remmed out;
Don't I have to tell it where to find the dectalk?  like com1?
actually, I'll just put all the lines below, as it is a short file.
If anyone cares to, you may just edit the following and return it, and
I put a * at the beginning of each line as it wrapped in the e-mail, but not
really in the batch file...

*@echo off
*rem d:\linux\loadlin d:\linux\vmlinuz dectlk root=/dev/hdb2 rw
*d:\linux\loadlin d:\linux\vmlinuz root=/dev/hdb rw speakup_synth=dectlk

O. Glenn Ervin-- (Lenny) N0YJV
Northeast Nebraska
gervin at kdsi.net
or My Work e-mail:
gervin at ncbvi.state.ne.us

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