file conflics?

Glenn Ervin gervin at
Wed Nov 21 00:06:53 EST 2001

Well, I wonder if I might be using copies of speakup that do not match the
I get messages that read that the image file you are trying to run is too
old, or something like that.
the linux reads on startup 1994, 1996 version 1.6a; if that makes any sense,
but that is just part of the startup message, and from what I remember.
I seemed to have trouble downloading all current files, as I did not have an
exact sight to download from, and I did not know what all the files were
that I need.  Is there a place or exact ftp link where I can get all the
files I need?
so far I have speakup.I
something like speakup.tar.gz
which I think is just the zipped speakup.i & .s
I cannot really find a setup file.
I know that I am still thinking in terms of microsoft, but with some help, I
know I can get into the groove with this stuff.
Thanks for any help.
O. Glenn Ervin-- (Lenny) N0YJV
Northeast Nebraska
gervin at
or My Work e-mail:
gervin at

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