file conflics?

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I've only just come across this message having spent some time replying to
your previous message.

Right, speakup.i and speakup.s is likely to be kernel 2.2.18.  If you go to
a Slackware site and download the current ZipSlak package you shouldn't have
any problems.

Forget all my comments regarding dectlk as that refers to an older version.
Sorry about that but if you'd answered my questions first time round it
would have saved us a lot of bother.
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Well, I wonder if I might be using copies of speakup that do not match the
I get messages that read that the image file you are trying to run is too
old, or something like that.
the linux reads on startup 1994, 1996 version 1.6a; if that makes any sense,
but that is just part of the startup message, and from what I remember.
I seemed to have trouble downloading all current files, as I did not have an
exact sight to download from, and I did not know what all the files were
that I need.  Is there a place or exact ftp link where I can get all the
files I need?
so far I have speakup.I
something like speakup.tar.gz
which I think is just the zipped speakup.i & .s
I cannot really find a setup file.
I know that I am still thinking in terms of microsoft, but with some help, I
know I can get into the groove with this stuff.
Thanks for any help.
O. Glenn Ervin-- (Lenny) N0YJV
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