Alsa problems.

Doug Lawlor dlawlor at
Sat Nov 17 03:26:51 EST 2001

At 06:34 PM 16/11/2001, you wrote:
>Hi, list. I am using Red Hat 7.2, and I am having serious problems getting
>my sound card on my laptop working.
>My laptop has an es1842 chipset, and I assume I should use the
>snd-card-es18xx.o module from Alsa.
>However, when I try to modprobe that module even with or without specific
>settings it blows out. Is others having problems with Alsa drivers 0.9.0
>beta 9?
I am using the 0.9.0beta9 with a sound blaster live with no problems.  I 
think the uytilities are in a directory called either utilities or 
utils.  Not sure about that one.  If you can't find them let me know and 
I'll have a look here for the 0.9.0beta9 utilities archive.


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