error compiling speakup 1.0 into Linux 2.2.16

Dave Hunt wx1g at
Sun Nov 18 00:52:13 EST 2001

I'm running Redhat Linux 7.0, with the out-of-the-box kernel 2.2.16.  my
running of the install script in the kernel source dipectory appears to
work correctly.  To configure the kernel, I did "make oldconfig", and
answered the questions on speakup.  My synthesizer of choice is the
braillenspeak.  I select this, and no other synthesizers.  When the
configurator asks for the default synth, I enter "bns", even though this
is only a three-letter string (it wants 4-6).  Should I enter something
else?  The "make dep" step goes ok.  The "make modules" generates some
warnings, but no errors.  The "make modules_install" goes apparently
well.  Now, I want to make only a floppy version of this kernel, so, I do
"make zdisk".  This fails with an error--something like "undefined
reference to speakup-control".  

If it might help, I'll email someone a private message, with the entire
output from "make zdisk".  Any ideas?  for the time being, I'm using my
bns as a vt100, with the "brailleterm" utility running on the bns.  

Thanks for any help,

Dave Hunt

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