Alsa problems.

Thomas Ward tward at
Fri Nov 16 17:04:54 EST 2001

Hi, list. I am using Red Hat 7.2, and I am having serious problems getting
my sound card on my laptop working.
My laptop has an es1842 chipset, and I assume I should use the
snd-card-es18xx.o module from Alsa.
However, when I try to modprobe that module even with or without specific
settings it blows out. Is others having problems with Alsa drivers 0.9.0
beta 9?
If so can anyone tell me which version is best to go back too until the bugs
are fixed?
Also what packages has the mixers, pmidi program, and all that stuff. is
that in tools utilities or what? I looked in the app directory and none of
the stuff I was looking for was there.

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