alsa for tecra8100

Raul A . Gallegos raul.a.gallegos at
Thu Nov 15 15:52:01 EST 2001

Thanks to everyone who responded.  Yes the driver below is the one that
is correct for this laptop.  Everythong seems to load fine per lsmod and
the output of /etc/rc.d/alsa start

Now if I try to play for example the windows_logon.wav file I get a high
piercing yet quiet tone from the speakers.

I type 'aplay win.wav' and get the following output.

root at gallegos:/usr/bin# aplay /tmp/win.wav
Playing WAVE '/tmp/win.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 22050
Hz, Stereo

This piercing sound is what I'm guessing to be my mixer settings to not
be set correctly even though I've tried:
amixer sset Master 100 unmute
amixer sset pcm 100 unmute
amixer sset Wave 100 unmute

None of those seems to help though.

I'm definately making progress but not quite there yet.  The asound.conf
file from speakup's ftp site is outdated with these drivers it seems so
I have not used it.

jacobs at said the following on Thu, Nov 15, 2001 at 03:31:54PM -0500:
> Hi
>    Did you try the snd-card-ymfpci driver? As I recall the system in the Tecra 8100 is a yamaha DSXG (YMF7XX) chipset, exactly the chipset I've got in my satellite pro 4340.
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