alsa for tecra8100

Jacob Schmude jacobs at
Thu Nov 15 15:31:54 EST 2001

   Did you try the snd-card-ymfpci driver? As I recall the system in the Tecra 8100 is a yamaha DSXG (YMF7XX) chipset, exactly the chipset I've got in my satellite pro 4340.

On Thu, Nov 15, 2001 at 11:56:17AM -0600, Raul A. Gallegos wrote:
> Hi gang.  I'm trying to get the alsa to work for the Toshiba tecra8100
> which uses the yamaha opl3 built-in sound driver.  My question  is if
> anyone is using this can you send my a copy of your /etc/modules.conf as
> I seem to not be albe to get this to work.  Also, I've searched the net
> for someone else who has configured this and can't find any but in case
> anyone knows of a web site that has this information I'd appreciate
> this.

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