alsa for tecra8100

Jacob Schmude jacobs at
Thu Nov 15 23:54:33 EST 2001

   Have you tried any other players, like sox's play or playing an MP3 or vorbis file? I've consistantly had trouble with aplay with certain wav files for some reason. And my experiences with aplay aren't limited to this card. Also, lower your wave control to around 13%, keep the master and pcm at 100%, otherwise you'll get super distortion. Alternative, you can lower your master to about 88%, the PCM to about 81%, and keep the wave at 100%. The disadvantage to lowering your master and pcm as that if your card has a 3D function (mine does), and you want to use it, you'll get a lot of distortion. Thus I recommend the first mixer settings which worked fine for me. Of course you can fine-toon them even more.

On Thu, Nov 15, 2001 at 02:52:01PM -0600, Raul A . Gallegos wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who responded.  Yes the driver below is the one that
> is correct for this laptop.  Everythong seems to load fine per lsmod and
> the output of /etc/rc.d/alsa start
> Now if I try to play for example the windows_logon.wav file I get a high
> piercing yet quiet tone from the speakers.
> I type 'aplay win.wav' and get the following output.
> root at gallegos:/usr/bin# aplay /tmp/win.wav
> Playing WAVE '/tmp/win.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 22050
> Hz, Stereo
> This piercing sound is what I'm guessing to be my mixer settings to not
> be set correctly even though I've tried:
> amixer sset Master 100 unmute
> amixer sset pcm 100 unmute
> amixer sset Wave 100 unmute
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