New keymap--I like this one better

Thomas Ward tward at
Tue Nov 13 22:22:35 EST 2001

Hi, Buddy. I wish I could make my own keymaps, but I have a problem making
them. Is there a way to move to  asign the keys to the left alt?
My keybord on my laptop only has a left control and left alt key. The
windows keys are on the right side.

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> Hi guyZ,
> OK, I like this keymap better than the last one I submitted. I moved
> everything down a row so that the keys are generally in the same
> position as on the numeric keypad. i also kept the numeric keypad
> definitions in so that you could use either your main keyboard with
> right alt, or the numeric keypad as your situation dictates and as you
> prefer. (So you could plug in an external keyboard or numeric keypad
> and use the keys you're used to, or go without and still have all the
> Speakup commands.) I like this layout better than the embedded numeric
> keypad (Thanks Janina!) So...This one is easier for me to use anyway,
> kick the tires and all that jazz. I've also modified the
> Defaultkeyassignments file that is in the Speakup directory with the
> changes I've incorporated, and that's in the attached tarball as
> well.
> Enjoy, or don't...
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