New keymap--I like this one better

Buddy Brannan davros at
Tue Nov 13 14:33:28 EST 2001

Hi guyZ,

OK, I like this keymap better than the last one I submitted. I moved
everything down a row so that the keys are generally in the same
position as on the numeric keypad. i also kept the numeric keypad
definitions in so that you could use either your main keyboard with
right alt, or the numeric keypad as your situation dictates and as you
prefer. (So you could plug in an external keyboard or numeric keypad
and use the keys you're used to, or go without and still have all the
Speakup commands.) I like this layout better than the embedded numeric
keypad (Thanks Janina!) So...This one is easier for me to use anyway,
kick the tires and all that jazz. I've also modified the
Defaultkeyassignments file that is in the Speakup directory with the
changes I've incorporated, and that's in the attached tarball as

Enjoy, or don't...
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