New keymap--I like this one better

Buddy Brannan davros at
Tue Nov 13 22:40:15 EST 2001

You can do that, sure. Actually though, if you've got Windows keys on
the right side of your keyboard, I'd actually recommend mapping one of
those to "altgr" (which would make the whole business of making a
keymap a lot easier.) My laptop has no Windows keys... If you have
trouble, let me know and I'll make one for you. Run showkey and let me
know the value of one of your Windows keys, and we can define that as
altgr, which will make the keypad I have defined usable with the
addition of one line. In order to move things to the left alt instead
would be do-able, but you would either lose the left alt as meta, or
have to redefine that function to another key. Redefining to another
key's easy. ... Let me know what you'd prefer. Personally, since the
Windows keys aren't used for anything, I'd recommend using them.

On my regular keyboard, left Windows key is 125, applicaiton key is
126, and right Windows key is 127. Let me know what your laptop has
and making the keymap is no problem. (Actually, it's very easy--the
keymap is just a text file, and Kirk tells how the Speakup keys are
defined in the keymap tutorial.)
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