Compiling a new kernel?

Jason unleet at
Mon Nov 5 22:52:55 EST 2001

> 1.  place the 'linux-2.4.13.tar.gz' file in my '/usr/src' directory.
> 2.  'tar zxvf linux-2.4.13.tar.gz'.  A directory 'linux' is created and the
> files and directories from the tar ball are placed in this directory.


> 3.  Place 'speakup-1.00.tar.gz' in my '/usr/src' directory.
> 4.  'tar zxvf speakup-1.00.tar.gz'  A directory 'speakup-1.00' is created
> and the files and directories are placed in this directory.
> 5.  'cd /usr/src/speakup-1.00'
> 6.  './install' All of the patch hunks apply successfully.

I have no idea how speakup is installed, so I'll assume you did that right

> 7.  'cd /usr/src/linux'
> 8.  'make dep >/home/dlawlor/makedep' The output is directed into
> '/home/dlawlor/makedep'.
> 9.  'make menuconfig' I go through the configuration process and save my
> configuration in '/home/dlawlor/kernel-config.cfg'.
> 10.  I press the 'esc' key until I am asked if I want to save my
> configuration.  I say yes and end up with a '.config' file in my
> '/usr/src/linux' directory.

OK... it should be "make menuconfig" then "make dep"

> 11.  'make >/home/dlawlor/kernel-make'  All the output from make is placed
> into '/home/dlawlor/kernel-make'.

that should be "make modules" then "make modules_install" then "make bzImage"

feel free to redirect the output wherever you want, just remember to check 
the end of each file for error messages.

your new kernel will be in /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot
the file will be called bzImage
obviously, everything's case sensitive, and you don't type the quotes

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