Compiling a new kernel?

Thomas Ward tward at
Mon Nov 5 23:20:44 EST 2001

Hi, Doug. Well, I know of two documents that will help. One is sort of
general. It is the kernel howto.You can see a copy at:
Also there is the Linux kernel hackers guide, but I can't remember where I
read it at.

Ok, I saw some errors in your post below. So here is the correct sequence.

First type make config or make menuconfig.This will create the configuration
file needed for building your kernel.
Basically, a kernel requires at minimum your processor type,  drivers for
all your hardware, file system support, keyboard types, ppp, and so on. To
make your kernel smaller include most of the stuff as modules. However, your
hard drive, floppy, file system, and crytical stuff must be built into the
At last you can use the following command to build your kernel, and get an
output file.

make dep; make clean; make bzImage; make install; make modules_install >

Note, don't forget the cemmi to seperate the commands if you want to enter
them as one command I've got a shell script that does this part for me.
.Other wise you can enter them one by one.
the grader sign redirects the output, and puts it in the file I named

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