Compiling a new kernel?

Doug Lawlor dlawlor at
Tue Nov 6 00:13:15 EST 2001

Hello list, Is there a FAQ some ware on compiling a kernel?  The problem 
I'm having is that I can't produce a kernel that is smaller than 
2MB.  Should kernels be compressed?  I am using slackware 8 here.  If there 
is not such a document would someone be willing to have a look at my 
configuration and the output from 'make dep' and 'make' to see why this is 
happening?  Here are the steps I am taking.


1.  place the 'linux-2.4.13.tar.gz' file in my '/usr/src' directory.

2.  'tar zxvf linux-2.4.13.tar.gz'.  A directory 'linux' is created and the 
files and directories from the tar ball are placed in this directory.

3.  Place 'speakup-1.00.tar.gz' in my '/usr/src' directory.

4.  'tar zxvf speakup-1.00.tar.gz'  A directory 'speakup-1.00' is created 
and the files and directories are placed in this directory.

5.  'cd /usr/src/speakup-1.00'

6.  './install' All of the patch hunks apply successfully.

7.  'cd /usr/src/linux'

8.  'make dep >/home/dlawlor/makedep' The output is directed into 

9.  'make menuconfig' I go through the configuration process and save my 
configuration in '/home/dlawlor/kernel-config.cfg'.

10.  I press the 'esc' key until I am asked if I want to save my 
configuration.  I say yes and end up with a '.config' file in my 
'/usr/src/linux' directory.

11.  'make >/home/dlawlor/kernel-make'  All the output from make is placed 
into '/home/dlawlor/kernel-make'.

12.  I do a 'ls -l' and see a file called 'vmlinux' in my '/usr/src/linux' 
directory.  It is executable and is around 2.5 mb.

13.  'cp vmlinux /vmlinux-2.4.13' Copy the new kernel to where is lives on 
my system.

14.  I run 'lilo' and get a fatal error saying that kernel vmlinux-2.4.13 
is too big.

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