2.4.13 Kernel Woes

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Mon Nov 5 22:24:28 EST 2001

Hello.  I tried both patching the source tree and downloading it fresh.  I
did not do "make clean" (maybe that was my problem?) but I did do "make
mrproper" and copied the .config back.  I did "make oldconfig" and had to
answer the Speakup questions again.  I thought that was odd so I checked
some random settings.  Everything looked reset, so I tried "make
menuconfig" just in case.  I checked again and yes, it looked like I would
have to start from scratch.  I compiled with the usual steps.  The kernel
boots but not much else.  No network, no sound, and not much of anything.
I gave up.  Yes, I used the new Speakup as well.

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