RH 7.2 (was: Re: Speakup commands )

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Sun Nov 4 23:58:27 EST 2001

Hello.  I attempted to install Red Hat 7.2, just for the experience.  I
noticed that Speakup would not read the screen by itself when new text
appeared, I had to hit the read entire screen key on the numeric keypad.
Anyway, how am I supposed to tell it where to install?  I already have the
partitions set up the way I want.  I do not want automatic partitioning.
I went into the command line fdisk and set up everything, but it seems to
not let me select my newly created partition to install.  I can highlight
it easily enough, but it insists on making me go through the dialogues.
When I think I have it, it complains that there is no root filesystem.
What should I be doing in the dialogues?  What am I doing wrong?

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