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Thomas Ward tward at bright.net
Sun Nov 4 10:37:04 EST 2001

Hi, Saqib Shaikh  has a free document which is a brief over view of Speakup.
I believe he gives a list of Speakup navigation commands in his Speakup
As for Red Hat 7.2 it takes a little practice. At first I thought it looked
hard, but after a couple of tries I got the hang of it.
I personally love the new default file system ext3 that comes with Red Hat
7.2, and believe it to be more stable than ext2.
Esentually, Red Hat installs are a series of dialog boxes, and if you are
familiar with using dialogs under MS Windows these will be quite a bit like

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> High list:
> Can anyone point me to a speakup command list?
> I don't know how to navigate with speakup.
> I think this should be vary important to know before attempting a linux
> install. LOL <grin>
> One more thing:
> I herd some rumblings that Redhat was a little bit difficult to install
> especially when it comes to the file system selection.  What are some of
> other key problems and
> how do you Redhat listers get around that?
> Thanks in advance:
> Kind regards:
> Michael
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