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I had never really thought of this before, but it would be nice if there was
a device that was as small as the palm, but had a slot where you could plug
headphones in for sound.  Maybe someone has already thought of this before,
but I will still throw it out.  The other statement I will make is that the
devices that are accessible to the blind are usually larger than normal
electronic devices for sighted people.  For once, I would like to get hold
of a device that is just as functional as a normal pda, but had features
that made it easy for me to operate it.  For example, maybe making a
keyboard on the device that was just 7 small buttons that would allow the
blind person to type into the device as if they were typing into the bns
machine.  Maybe it would be slower, but you can't tell me that writing on
the pda is just as fast as typing.  Anyway, that is my two cents.

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I will tell you why I am working toward the development of a PDA for blind
people. The first reason is that there is not a comparable product on the
market. Furhter many sighted people have found that a device that is not
as powerful as a laptop and much more powerful then a simple notepad is
quite handy. There is no reason to believe that blind people wouldn't find
a similar device handy as well.

As for the lack of resources, well obvviously if I had more it would be an
easier task. But if I wait for resources beforestarting then nothing will
ever happen. In fact, it would seem to me that if everyone operated on the
premise that since there is a loack of resources we shouldn't try to keep
up, eventually there will be no such thing as blind access to computers. I
would imagine that Speakup started as a desire of Kirk to get console
speech in Linux and he had almost no resources. I know that many Linux
programs start that way.

I honestly hope that someone comes out with a product that makes my ideas
of a product impracticle. If someone does come out with an affordable
product then I will truely be happy. Otherwise I will endeavor to make one
that people can actually offord.

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