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Wed Apr 19 09:13:13 EDT 2000

I will tell you why I am working toward the development of a PDA for blind
people. The first reason is that there is not a comparable product on the
market. Furhter many sighted people have found that a device that is not
as powerful as a laptop and much more powerful then a simple notepad is
quite handy. There is no reason to believe that blind people wouldn't find
a similar device handy as well.

As for the lack of resources, well obvviously if I had more it would be an
easier task. But if I wait for resources beforestarting then nothing will
ever happen. In fact, it would seem to me that if everyone operated on the
premise that since there is a loack of resources we shouldn't try to keep
up, eventually there will be no such thing as blind access to computers. I
would imagine that Speakup started as a desire of Kirk to get console
speech in Linux and he had almost no resources. I know that many Linux
programs start that way.

I honestly hope that someone comes out with a product that makes my ideas
of a product impracticle. If someone does come out with an affordable
product then I will truely be happy. Otherwise I will endeavor to make one
that people can actually offord.

Kirk Wood
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