GUIs (was Re: A comment on Slashdot)

Mike Gorse mgorse at WPI.EDU
Tue Apr 11 13:01:40 EDT 2000

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000 cpt.kirk at wrote:

> As for sending a picture of text, that is done too much for many reasons.
> Not only does it cause problems for screen readers, it is also a bandwidth
> waste. I also think that those writting books, and programs to creat HTML
> should make alt text more prevelant then they do. It is so simple to add
> that there is no excuse for it not to be employed. Then again, that is one
> more symptom of the laziness that drives many to include a picture of text
> in the first place. They are too lazy to work on their design.
I agree for the most part, although I don't like seeing text descriptions
for spacer gifs (alt="" would probably be better for them).  But then are
spacer gifs really necessary?  I don't really know one way or the other.

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