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Tue Apr 11 12:11:12 EDT 2000

There are two uses for gifs as spacers. One is to replace the standard
rule with a graphical one. This takes very little bandwidth and can add to
the overall appearance of the page. I think it would be best to put in two
quotes here. (But that is assuming the person is bothering to put in alt

Recently there have been some who uise a gif to eat up space on the page
so that the text is made to look the way they want it. This is disgusting
abuse of bandwidth. I class it along with those reprobate companies that
make the first page a huge graphic that requires at least 800X600
resolution to display. They should have their web pages deleted and cattle
prods taken to their ... (Well I guess I might be getting out of hand
here, but probably not.)

Really, part of the problem on the web today is too much emphasis on looks
and not enough on content. The web is not print media, and many firms
can't grasp that fact. Perhaps we could come up with a protocol for
p[laces that make graphics that don't convey anything. It is one thing to
show me a picture of someone. Or to give me a drawing or map. But to have
a stupid logo blown to the size of my screen is bothersome.

Maybe search engines could be modified to not list these sites since they
don't have content.

Kirk Wood
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