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You put things quite well. One of the things that I found interesting is
that in Windows 3.1 there were quite a few companies that created less
graphical oriented shells. But to be honest, I think that MS has done a
terrible job of opening up Windows. I have a feeling that it was partly to
keep others from replacing portions of the code.

Having been through MS supplied training twice, I can ussure you that MS
changed the way several things worked such that they could no longer be
easily extended. The stated purpose was not to block extension of the OS,
but it was the result. But you are right that if access is had at the
lowest level possible things will be easier to deal with.

As for sending a picture of text, that is done too much for many reasons.
Not only does it cause problems for screen readers, it is also a bandwidth
waste. I also think that those writting books, and programs to creat HTML
should make alt text more prevelant then they do. It is so simple to add
that there is no excuse for it not to be employed. Then again, that is one
more symptom of the laziness that drives many to include a picture of text
in the first place. They are too lazy to work on their design.

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