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Chris Nestrud cnestru at
Mon Apr 3 12:12:59 EDT 2000

I have sendmail installed currently, but I also like qmail. It's much 
easier to actually configure. I just haven't actually gotten around to 
installing it. If I can't find something amazing to do with filtering and 
such, to get everything working with one account, I'll go with the 'several 
accounts' option.

And yes, virtual consoles are nice. I started with six, then added six 
more. <grin>


At 10:03 AM 4/3/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Actually, you are looking for two questions in one. The MTA is actually
>what will send out the email and place it into you mailbox when it comes
>in. The two most popular are Sendmail and Qmail in that order. I recomend
>you consider Qmail as it is less likely to leave security holes.
>The other is what email program to use. Since I only use a single address
>most of the time I just use Pine. Now an option would be to setup a
>different account on your machine for the different email accounts. Then
>qmail can be configured to set you email address accordingly. But this
>makes you login to each account to check the mail for that account. That
>isn't so bad though as you can keep them all open and even do other things
>with virtual consoles.
>To use virtual consoles, you can press Alt and a function key. Most
>installations have 6 by default. Each console operated independantly from
>the others.
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