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Mon Apr 3 11:03:08 EDT 2000

Actually, you are looking for two questions in one. The MTA is actually
what will send out the email and place it into you mailbox when it comes
in. The two most popular are Sendmail and Qmail in that order. I recomend
you consider Qmail as it is less likely to leave security holes.

The other is what email program to use. Since I only use a single address
most of the time I just use Pine. Now an option would be to setup a
different account on your machine for the different email accounts. Then
qmail can be configured to set you email address accordingly. But this
makes you login to each account to check the mail for that account. That
isn't so bad though as you can keep them all open and even do other things
with virtual consoles.

To use virtual consoles, you can press Alt and a function key. Most
installations have 6 by default. Each console operated independantly from
the others.

Kirk Wood
Cpt.Kirk at

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