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Janina Sajka janina at
Mon Apr 3 19:01:19 EDT 2000

There's no need to set up separate accounts in order to have Pine read
several incoming mailboxes. 

Instead, you need procmail. That will slice and dice your incoming mail to
your heart's desire--the entire message can serve as the grist of your
filtering rules, if you like. The output can be sorted into separate
folders as you like, or piped to /dev/null for those pesky folks that send
junk mail. You can even group your mail folders in directories, if that's
helpful -- e.g. I have several web related folders inside a ~mail/web
directory and several unix related folders under a ~mail/unix directory.

Once you launch Pine you can use the $ directive to resort on the fly for
viewing by something other than your default sort order.

You can also define multiple personalities under Pine 4.21.

So, you're in good shape. There's just not much of anything you can do in
Eudora that you can't do even better under Linux with procmail and Pine.

PS: This includes taking mail on the road with your notebook computer. You
can have responses cued in a send folder ready to be transm9itted the next
time you connect your portable to the net. For this you'll want fetchmail,
though, and not sendmail or qmail.

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