email programs and filters

Chris Nestrud cnestru at
Mon Apr 3 11:48:51 EDT 2000

Hello list.

It seems that the last major step to converting to linux is what to do with 
my email. I'll describe how things are working now, and perhaps someone can 
give me some suggestions on how to convert this to linux.

I'm getting mail from several different accounts, and processing it with 
Eudora. Each of my mailing lists has a filter, so mail from each list is 
put into its own folder/group. The appropriate from address is used when I 
reply to a message received by a certain account. Mail which doesn't match 
one of these filters is put inn a misc folder for such mail, but the 
correct from: address is still used. This is accomplished with different 
"personalities" in Eudora.

I've found a program which will convert eudora mailboxes to unix mbox 
format. I've experimented some with procmail, and it looks like this would 
be the best way to filter incoming mail as I have it filtered with eudora.

The only real question remaining is which MUA to use. I need one that will 
base the replying From: address on the message being replied to. I've 
looked at pine and mutt, but unless I've missed something (which is quite 
possible) neither seem to have this feature.

Any suggestions on how I can get all of this working?


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