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John Covici covici at
Fri Mar 17 21:47:13 EDT 2017

I built dave's mods with no problems, because I always compile the
kernel, so I just followed his instructions and replaced the speakup
directory in staging and it went without a hitch.  It takes computer
time, but that is what they are for.

I have not tried the unicode fixes, I think they are still in process
and I like some of the things Dave has done with his mods.

On Fri, 17 Mar 2017 20:14:10 -0400,
Zahari Yurukov wrote:
> Hi,
>   Chris Brannon wrote:
> Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 03:35:40PM -0700
> > You usually don't need the whole source to build out-of-tree modules.
> > What you do need are the headers and other infrastructure.
> Ok, but what's different with speakup then?
> > Looking at the Speakup website just now, the repository location seems
> > correct.  Apparently we don't mention the branch name.  I believe it's staging-next?
> > 
> I think I've tried that, but may be my mistake was that I expected it to apply cleanly.
> > Also with building things straight out of git, I'd worry about
> > coupling between Speakup and other code.  So if you have a
> > v4.10 kernel from your distro, what happens if you try to build just the
> > Speakup modules straight out of git?
> You would build them from 4.10 sources.
> But yeah, that's a valid concern.
> Personally, I want to use the RedHat's Kernel, cause - who knows what
> did they change and how my system will behave with a generic kernel.
> So, probably the best will be to copy the staging directory from the
> generic sources into RedHat's sources, and then build and install the
> whole thing, but that's 
>  really too much, as you said.
>  Actually, I think that exact thing was suggested to me, when I first
>  hit the absence  of speakup in Fedora.
> -- 
> Best wishes,
> Zahari
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