How to try the new versions of speakup

Zahari Yurukov zahari.yurukov at
Fri Mar 17 20:14:10 EDT 2017


  Chris Brannon wrote:
Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 03:35:40PM -0700

> You usually don't need the whole source to build out-of-tree modules.
> What you do need are the headers and other infrastructure.
Ok, but what's different with speakup then?

> Looking at the Speakup website just now, the repository location seems
> correct.  Apparently we don't mention the branch name.  I believe it's staging-next?
I think I've tried that, but may be my mistake was that I expected it to apply cleanly.

> Also with building things straight out of git, I'd worry about
> coupling between Speakup and other code.  So if you have a
> v4.10 kernel from your distro, what happens if you try to build just the
> Speakup modules straight out of git?
You would build them from 4.10 sources.
But yeah, that's a valid concern.
Personally, I want to use the RedHat's Kernel, cause - who knows what
did they change and how my system will behave with a generic kernel.
So, probably the best will be to copy the staging directory from the
generic sources into RedHat's sources, and then build and install the
whole thing, but that's 
 really too much, as you said.
 Actually, I think that exact thing was suggested to me, when I first
 hit the absence  of speakup in Fedora.

Best wishes,

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