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Gregory Nowak greg at
Thu Jun 8 19:39:55 EDT 2017

On Wed, Jun 07, 2017 at 10:10:22PM -0700, Chris Brannon wrote:
> I looked through the Braille Blazer manual.  The only thing it really
> says is that if speech is enabled for the parallel port, then when a
> document is sent to the port, the Braille Blazer will speak it.
> I read that as "speak whatever is dumped as it comes".  They probably
> didn't intend this to be used with screen readers; it was a nice feature
> that let you hear a document being read to you as it was being
> embossed.  Though I really don't know how someone could understand the
> synth while the Braille Blazer was making all its clickity-clack racket.

That's what I gathered when I looked through it last night.
Since the service manual would deal with servicing the hardware, it's
possible it also went into more detail on parallel port communication
(E.G. if it handshakes in some way, and how). I'm not able to get my
hands on that though, it sounds like it would be an interesting read.


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