supporting more than ttyS*

Chris Brannon chris at
Thu Jun 8 01:10:22 EDT 2017

Gregory Nowak <greg at> writes:

> I will check the blazer manual to
> see if it has anything to say about using the parallel port with a
> screen reader, other than stating this is possible.

I looked through the Braille Blazer manual.  The only thing it really
says is that if speech is enabled for the parallel port, then when a
document is sent to the port, the Braille Blazer will speak it.
I read that as "speak whatever is dumped as it comes".  They probably
didn't intend this to be used with screen readers; it was a nice feature
that let you hear a document being read to you as it was being
embossed.  Though I really don't know how someone could understand the
synth while the Braille Blazer was making all its clickity-clack racket.

-- Chris

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