supporting more than ttyS*

Gregory Nowak greg at
Wed Jun 7 17:49:00 EDT 2017

On Wed, Jun 07, 2017 at 02:40:12PM +0100, Okash Khawaja wrote:
> Some synths also toggle
> serial control lines which I am not sure will be possible or supported
> by default in lp. Will have to look into this.

I haven't tried using the blazer over parallel for a few years, so
tried it again a couple of days ago with a windows screen
reader. There is no hand shaking of any sort over parallel as far as I
can tell. Once the parallel port is selected as the output port in the
screen reader I'm working with, other serial options, including hand
shaking are disabled.

As far as using the blazer over parallel, it seems to be just dump and
wait. Once the screen reader starts sending speech to the blazer,
there is no way to interrupt until the speech is done. This does
include indexing of course as well. Looking at the parallel
communication between the blazer and the screen reader, I see no
attempt by the screen reader to read the parallel port in any way. All
it does is just write data one way. I will check the blazer manual to
see if it has anything to say about using the parallel port with a
screen reader, other than stating this is possible.

Using the blazer over parallel is never my first choice. However,
it's better than nothing if a serial port or a usb to serial converter
aren't available, and it's either parallel or nothing.


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