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Mon Jan 11 12:41:39 EST 2016

My bad for spelling dmarc with a k rather than a c. My apologies for
sending people down the wrong path.


Jason White writes:
> Gregory Nowak <greg at> wrote:
> > Dkim: <>. In short, it authenticates
> > e-mails sent from a given domain, with some caveats. I don't know
> > either what dmark is as that would relate to the internet; a search of
> > the web doesn't help.
> It's spelled "DMARC". It specifies the SPF and DKIM policies for a domain and
> allows recipients to send reports regarding messages that passed or failed SPF
> and DKIM checks.
> Currently, I am experimenting with rspamd as a spam filtering solution. It was
> reviewed favourably on Linux Weekly News last year, performs well and includes
> a variety of checks (DMARC among them) on incoming messages. It also has a
> Bayesian statistical classifier similar to the default classifier in crm114.
> It's too early to report on its effectiveness in my installation.
> I have also added SPF, DKIM and DMARC records to my domain. Outbound mail is
> signed with opendkim.
> I'm running Postfix as my mail transfer agent, but these tools support
> Sendmail as well.
> Setting up a server is easy; filtering spam is less so, unfortunately.
> Various tutorials related to DKIM, SPF and DMARC have been published too.
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