Problem installing ProFTPD

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Sat Jan 2 11:29:46 EST 2016

Last time I did this, it was up and down arrows to switch.  Make sure
you have speakup set to dcursor on.  Its been a while, so they may have
changed things.

Steve Matzura <sm at> wrote:

> The following is purely a visual impairment issue.
> When installing ProFTPD, a dialog box is displayed wherein I must
> choose whether to run it as a standalone service or via inet. I don't
> know which is the default choice, and there's no graphic next to the
> choices to indicate which one is checked or otherwise selected.
> However, the choice "from inet" is in gray, while the word
> "standalone" is gray on red, and so is the "Ok" button. For those not
> in the know, screenreader software can inform us who use it about
> things like that. So, which is the chosen option, and if I were
> desirous of changing to the other, how is that done? I've tried tab,
> spacebar, arrows, plus/minus keys, it doesn't change.
> Thanks in advance.
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