Problem installing ProFTPD

Steve Matzura sm at
Sat Jan 2 11:25:21 EST 2016

The following is purely a visual impairment issue.

When installing ProFTPD, a dialog box is displayed wherein I must
choose whether to run it as a standalone service or via inet. I don't
know which is the default choice, and there's no graphic next to the
choices to indicate which one is checked or otherwise selected.
However, the choice "from inet" is in gray, while the word
"standalone" is gray on red, and so is the "Ok" button. For those not
in the know, screenreader software can inform us who use it about
things like that. So, which is the chosen option, and if I were
desirous of changing to the other, how is that done? I've tried tab,
spacebar, arrows, plus/minus keys, it doesn't change.

Thanks in advance.

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