Speect packages don't work

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Thu Oct 29 06:31:13 EDT 2015

On 10/22/2015 10:40 PM, Willem van der Walt wrote:
> I grabbed the demo .wav and am not impressed.
> Our own tts, speect, is better.
> It is available at http://speect.sf.net
> It is using hmm tts methods.
> It is more natural sounding than gnu speech or espeak, and not IMHO suited
> for screenreader use.
> HMM is synthesized sound, modeled after human voices which is actual
> recordings, IE. the computer is tought how speech should sound by giving it
> examples of how a real person would read some given text.

I looked at the download site with interest.  First, it would appear that 
fully installed, it's bigger than Gnuspeech.  Gnuspeech without a dictionary 
weighs in at under 1 MB and with the data files at 3.8 MB.  However, I 
wasn't able to get the Ubuntu package to install on 14.04.3, even after 
adding the PPA repository.  Apparently packages are only available for 12.04 
Precise.  That's too bad as I am always willing to give other synthesizers a 
chance.  I'm always looking for high quality speech for reading text files, 
ebooks, etc.  If the packages get updated, please post here.

Also, to keep this on topic for the Speakup list, what about writing either 
a module for Speech Dispatcher or a Speakup connector?  If it's as good as 
you claim it is, Orca users would probably also be interested, but there 
would need to be a module for Speech Dispatcher.

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