question about some key commands

Gregory Nowak greg at
Wed Jun 24 22:10:19 EDT 2015

I can help with some of those. Hopefully others will fill in what I
don't know, or correct any misinformation below.

On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 12:28:34PM +0200, Brandon Keith Biggs wrote:
> spk key_f2 = set_win

This is used to set up a window for speakup to read. Say you have a
program with a status line that refreshes when something happens, and you want
to hear only that line and nothing else. Move your speakup cursor to
where the status line starts, and press speakup_key (spk) with
f2. Move the speakup cursor to where the status line ends, and press
spk+f2 again. Press numpad-asterisk until speakup says "read window."
Now, speakup will read that status line when it refreshes. I can't
think of an example program to test this with right now, so that last
part about what speakup will do may be incorrect. If there is a laptop
keymap equivalent for numpad-asterisk, I don't know it. If you don't
have a numeric keypad, you should be able to use your fn key to
emulate numpad keys. You'll need to check out whatever support you can
find for your laptop to figure out how to do that.

> spk key_f4 = enable_win

This just turns on or off whether speakup will read the window when
read window mode is enabled as far as I know.

> spk key_f5 = edit_some

This controls what characters will be read when punctuation
(punc_level/reading_punc) is set to one. For example, when punctuation
is set to one, the period isn't spoken. If you want the period to be
spoken in punctuation one, press spk+f5, press the period key, and
press space.

> spk key_f6 = edit_most

Same thing as above, but for punctuation three.

> spk key_f7 = edit_delim

Don't know.

> spk key_f8 = edit_repeat

If you have more then three periods in a row, speakup will just speak
the period three times. If you press spk+f8, press period, and press
space, speakup will now say something like "period x times," where x
is how many times the period repeats.

> shift spk key_f9 = edit_exnum

Don't know.


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