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Wed Jun 17 21:04:05 EDT 2015

Hey, I think that did it -- I can increase the capture volume, and the
AC97 playback volume is 0, but the AC97 capture is 100%.

Thanks very much -- this about drove me ...

Shawn Kirkpatrick <shawn at> wrote:

> Hello. Depending on which emu-based card you have the controls you
> need to set can be a little different.
> If the card is an sb live (emu10k1) then these steps should work:
> Set the capture source to Mic:
> amixer cset name='Capture Source' Mic
> Turn up the AC97 capture volume:
> amixer set AC97 capture 100
> This should enable you to record sound from the Mic without hearing it
> from the speakers. If the sound is too low then you will have to turn
> on the mic boost:
> amixer set 'Mic Boost (+20db)' on
> If you want to hear the sound being captured then turn up the AC97
> playback volume:
> amixer set AC97 playback 100
> If your source is set to Mic then you'll most likely get feedback as
> the mic hears itself. Turning up this volume can be useful to hear
> other sources like line or cd as they're being captured.
> To get any playback out of the card you'll have to turn up the Master
> and PCM controls.
> If the card is an Audigy (emu10k2) then the setup is a bit different,
> you usually just have to enable capture on the source you want.
> When using amixer to get and set controls you have to watch the case
> and spacing in the control names. You can also use alsamixer if you
> want to adjust these controls in real time to see what effect they're
> having.
> When you get things working as you'd like you might want to run
> alsactl store to save your settings so they're restored at system
> boot.
> Hope this helps.
> On Mon, 1 Jun 2015, covici at wrote:
> > Hi.  Since upgrading to kernel 3.13, I am having some strange also
> > config problems.  What I would like to do is have the Microphone be able
> > to record a file, or otherwise be used by an application, and at the
> > same time have the rear jack which seemsto be controlled by Master, to
> > hear a file being played or other application.  Now what is happening is
> > that if I turn up the capture volume sufficiently, I get feedback, if I
> > turn Master playback off, no feedback, but Master hears nothing.  The
> > volume on the Mic does nothing at all itself.  I have an old emu10k1
> > sound card.  So, how do I get the Mic to work at some decent level, but
> > not going through the line out jack which eventually goes to speakers?
> >
> > Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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