Where Can I Input this Command?

Hart Larry chime at hubert-humphrey.com
Mon Jun 15 11:59:18 EDT 2015

Wow, Jude, in the last 23days since I asked this question, I still don't 
understand how to run this "script command" so it monitors the DecTalk? Or are 
you saying, script monitors everything on all consoles?
Meanwhile, this command
echo "[:dv pr 250]" >> /sys/accessibility/speakup/synth_direct
certainly helps my DecTalk sound better, also helps fix the capitalization 
issues, but still while arrowing around, Speakup is `still knocking down the 
pitch, rate, and volume, so obviously running script to notice a log would be 
`really helpful, so please, you-and-or some1 here, what `exact script command 
will monitor the DecTalk? Thanks so much  in advance

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