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Capturing/releasing the keyboard is described in I believe section
1.8.2 of the virtualbox manual. To capture/release the keyboard, you
need to use the host key, which is your right control key by
default. If you're in the guest, press your right control key to
release the keyboard, and you should then be able to alt+tab to other
windows. When you focus the virtualbox guest window again, it will
capture your keyboard automatically, unless you disabled this. If you
want to use the control key in your guest, use the left control
key. So, ctrl+alt+f1 in the guest would be done using your left
control and alt keys. If you're running on a gnu/linux host, then
things get different as described in section 1.8.3 of the virtualbox
manual. If you're running on a gnu/linux host, then pressing
hostkey+f1 would enter ctrl+alt+f1 into the guest and so on. 

If this bothers you and you can't get used to it, you can remap the
host key to something as I mentioned earlier. Alternatively, if you
have a usb keyboard, and a place to put it, you can pass that keyboard
through to the guest, and not have to deal with the whole host key
thing. HTH.


On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 09:02:56PM -0400, Igor Gueths wrote:
> Hey all,
> thanks for the replies! I test booted my installation while I was at work
> earlier today, and got what seemed to be a GDM login screen; alt+f2 appeared to
> have no effect, but this could be due to my having installed it within
> Virtualbox. Speaking of virtual machines, presuming the installation (s) were
> done within Virtualbox, how did you fully capture the keyboard so that you could
> do ctrl+alt+f1 and the like? I ask because I have never gotten this to work
> reliably. Also is there a kernel difference between the kernel that is used
> during installation and that which is used in the installed system? Just trying
> to rule out the possibility of unsupported virtual audio chipsets and the like.
> Thanks!

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