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Igor Gueths igueths at
Thu Apr 30 12:30:54 EDT 2015

Hey Greg, thanks for the tip! I obviously have been neglecting the RTFM time
that Virtualbox requires as of late...Will definitely give that a try though.
On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 08:52:07PM -0700, Gregory Nowak wrote:
> Capturing/releasing the keyboard is described in I believe section
> 1.8.2 of the virtualbox manual. To capture/release the keyboard, you
> need to use the host key, which is your right control key by
> default. If you're in the guest, press your right control key to
> release the keyboard, and you should then be able to alt+tab to other
> windows. When you focus the virtualbox guest window again, it will
> capture your keyboard automatically, unless you disabled this. If you
> want to use the control key in your guest, use the left control
> key. So, ctrl+alt+f1 in the guest would be done using your left
> control and alt keys. If you're running on a gnu/linux host, then
> things get different as described in section 1.8.3 of the virtualbox
> manual. If you're running on a gnu/linux host, then pressing
> hostkey+f1 would enter ctrl+alt+f1 into the guest and so on. 
> If this bothers you and you can't get used to it, you can remap the
> host key to something as I mentioned earlier. Alternatively, if you
> have a usb keyboard, and a place to put it, you can pass that keyboard
> through to the guest, and not have to deal with the whole host key
> thing. HTH.
> Greg
> On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 09:02:56PM -0400, Igor Gueths wrote:
> > Hey all,
> > thanks for the replies! I test booted my installation while I was at work
> > earlier today, and got what seemed to be a GDM login screen; alt+f2 appeared to
> > have no effect, but this could be due to my having installed it within
> > Virtualbox. Speaking of virtual machines, presuming the installation (s) were
> > done within Virtualbox, how did you fully capture the keyboard so that you could
> > do ctrl+alt+f1 and the like? I ask because I have never gotten this to work
> > reliably. Also is there a kernel difference between the kernel that is used
> > during installation and that which is used in the installed system? Just trying
> > to rule out the possibility of unsupported virtual audio chipsets and the like.
> > Thanks!
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