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Thanks for the simple steps to get kali console speech enabled. 
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It is really simple to get speech up and running when the system is installed.  You are right.  There is no speech in the console by default, but you can fix it by doing this:

1. In the graphical environment, press alt f2 and when you are prompted for a command, enter leafpad /etc/modules

2. At the very bottom of the list, which I believe only contains two or three entries, write: speakup_soft and press return.

3.  This is with an underline between speakup and soft.  Then reboot.

4. You will hear speakup coming up with some kind of fail fail message and then it will start reading the bootup messages.  You will have to stop it with the speakup stop key or the orca on there will not come up talking.

5. When you have all this done, open a terminal and do this:

chmod a=rw- /etc/init.d/gdm  This will keep the graphical environment from coming up unless you want it to.  You have to be connected before you do this because you have to install a package or two afterward.

6. Now, with the system talking in the console, you need to do an

apt-get install speakup-tools

so that you will have the speakupconf program available to save your speakup settings.  Then apt-get install xorg-xinit, I think it is and then make a .xinitrc file with only one line in it and that is:

exec gnome-session

and then you can use startx to go into gnome on your kali linux.

I hope I have all those files right.  I hope I have all those package names right.  If not, and you have problems, feel free to contact me off list and I will help you.

Hope this helps.

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