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Thu Apr 16 15:06:56 EDT 2015

First is where to get a download image.
Second, on the archlinux main site there will be a file with title of 
beginner's guide.  Download it and read that file.
Third, from that beginner's guide file which is quite comprehensive come 
up with the set of
commands you'll key in to install your talkingarch and write those down so 
you can read them afterwards.
Then boot up the talking arch disk and have at it!  I have talkingarch 
working over here and it was the beginner's guide that made that possible. 
The install guide you'll find is far shorter and can tend to be useless. 
Before rebooting for the first time, follow the additional instructions 
you find on so you have speech enabled on reboot.  You may 
also wish to subscribe yourself to support at and read over 
the blog and comments blog on that site.
Hope this helps.

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On Tue, 14 Apr 2015, Joseph C. Lininger wrote:

> Hi all,
> does anyone have any info about installing the Arch distribution without 
> sight? I did some googling of the topic, but I want a definitive answer 
> on how one should go about doing it. I do not want a modified Linux 
> system. When I complete the install, I want an Arch distribution the 
> same way it would be if a normal install were used.
> Thanks in advance
> Joe
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