using xvfb instead of a gui display

Doug Smith savant-technopath at
Thu Apr 16 13:44:56 EDT 2015

I have a couple of questions about this.  I saw a thread on here about a 
fake X environment and someone suggested xvfb.  Is it possible to set 
that thing up such that a graphical program can be run and interacted 
with in xvfb?  The speech has to work as well. Is it possible to set it 
up so that, for example, we can run firefox in xvfb and, with no 
additional programs or scripting, interact with the browser?

I heard that there have been attempts to do this, but it has been 
limited.  I want a general purpose solution that will use xvfb to run 
any graphical program and then interact with the program in the proper 
manner by using only the keyboard.  Is xvfb a way to do this directly?


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