Kyle kyle4jesus at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 13:52:24 EDT 2014

Someone correct me if I'm propagating misinformation, but I don't
believe that CentOS is usable with Speakup. I believe the kernel
included with it either is too old to have Speakup in Staging, or the
Staging drivers aren't enabled. However, all this seems to be available
from Fedora 20, which although it starts graphical, is accessible using
Orca, and you should be able to get Speakup working once it's installed.
It mostly depends on whether or not there is an espeakup package
available from the repo. If so, it should be as easy to get running as

sudo yum install espeakup
sudo systemctl enable espeakup
sudo systemctl start espeakup

from inside of a terminal. Then on booting the system, you should be
able to switch away from the login screen, i.e. using alt+control+f2 and
login using Speakup. Hope this helps.
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